Philmac RXTTI20 Tank Inlet Male ¾" BSP

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Philmac Plumbing Parts

Philmac RXTTI20 Tank Inlet Male ¾" BSP

Revolutionising the trade, Philmac created the world’s first all-plastic compression fittings for polyethylene (PE) pipe in 1968. Philmac products are now the benchmark of quality and innovation on an international level.

Philmac BSP Fittings

Philmac BSP fittings are made from high performance, UV resistant polypropylene material. This prevents moisture absorbtion and ensures the product sustains its dimensions. 

Benefits of Using Philmac

  • Long lasting and corrosion resistant
  • High performance materials

Additional Information;

Philmac connections can be connected to both metric and imperial PE pipe without inserts. Assembly has been made so simple even in live conditions. They arrive pre-assembled but the split collet has been designed to release as soon as the nut is backed off meaning disassembling is just as easy. The fittings are all WRAS approved for above and below ground.


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-          Flexibility

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