Hep20 HX79/22 Hepkey Plus Demounting Tool 22mm

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Manufacturer Code: HX79/22
Hepworth Hep20 Hepkey Plus Demounting Tool 22mm


Hep2O has always been the industry-standard for hot and cold water supply. And now after talking to professional plumbers and many years designing and testing, the even better Next Generation Hep2O is here.

The most important innovation in plumbing for decades, the new Hep2O is packed with revolutionary new technology. It’s now easier to fit, and groundbreaking new features include the secure Hepkey demounting system and revolutionary In4Sure technology that actually tells you when the pipe’s fully inserted.

The new range of fittings is compatible with both plastic and copper pipe and is backed by a unique, industry leading 50 year guarantee. But while the fittings are all-new, it’s still the same easy to work with Hep2O pipe that plumbers know and love – they have just changed the colour to white.



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