Fluidmaster Side Entry Float Valve

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Manufacturer Code: HPS15887

Fluidmaster Side Entry Float Valve

The quiet, reliable replacement for faulty, old-fashioned mechanisms.

Side Entry Fill Valve with a 1/2"UK threaded shank for use in Toilet cisterns & Storage Tanks

Compact, efficient design fits todays 6-litre cisterns
New design provides a 40% quieter fill
Unique quick release coupling nut, for easy access & maintenance
Ends noisy late night storage tank refills
Works well with high or low water pressure
Fills faster than previous models
Easy-to-access screen filter ensures years of troublefree operation
Redesigned float allows greater water volume for ideal flush
Adjustment rod raises/lowers water level for ideal flush volume in any cistern
Anti-siphon/backflow design prevents contamination of fresh water supply
Durable materials stand up to millions of flushes
Narrow profile allows a proper fit in slimline WC cisterns
Absence of lever arm prevents storage tank distortion, making support structures unnecessary
Fits most WC cisterns, cold water storage and central heating tanks

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