Aquadial Combi Care 15mm

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Aquadial Combi Care

Unless hard water in your heating system is treated, it scales up the boiler heat exchanger's pipe work and emersion heating elements. The consequence is that water channels are narrowed, energy is lost and storage tanks lose their capacity to hold and store hot water efficiently.
With modern Combination and Condensing Boilers and Thermo stores, the scale build up can dramatically shorten the service life of the heating system, using more energy than necessary to heat the home and hot water.
The Aqua-Dial Combi-Care uses Polyphosphate in a dilute form and acts as a sequester preventing precipitation of calcium scale as well as offering a level of protection against corrosion and the leaching of lead.
The polyphosphates forms bonds with the scale causing minerals, which make them more water-soluble. The hard minerals remain in the solution, as opposed to depositing scale on heat exchangers pipe work.

How does the aquadial combicare work ?

It works by proportionally blending a minute amount of 'Aquablend', a safe, food grade product into the incoming water supply. The amount blended is accurately controlled by the internal venturi system and is 'proportional' to the service water flow. The 'Aquablend' works by suspending the scale forming hardness salts in the water, thus preventing scale build-up. This type of treatment is refered to as 'Threshold Treatment'. In many cases the Aquablend will even remove exsisting scale and then deposit a micro-thin, protective layer on the pipework and heating surfaces, thus preventing corrosion problems. A 'Change Date' indicator ring for the Aquablend cartridge is included and a reminder service is available every year if required.

Installation of the aquadial combi care.

The 15mm and 22mm units can be 'spanner' fitted into vertical, horizontal or angled pipe work.
They can be located in the cold rising main supply or on individual appliances.
Full fitting instructions are included, for both hard and soft water areas.
Where there is a possibility of secondary water expansion from the heating boiler back down the system, you are advised to fit a single check/non-return valve after the unit.
This unit will be affected by hot water transfer back down the system, therefore site the unit as far from the boiler as possible.

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