Zip HydroTap HT1738UK (BH240G4) 3 In 1 Boiling Water With Standard Hot & Cold Mixer Tap

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Zip HydroTap HT1738UK 3 In 1 Boiling Water With Standard Hot & Cold Mixer Tap

The Zip HT1738UK boiling, bright chrome tap is primarily for commercial use, this stunning tap from Zip is a must-have for commercial offices. Providing up to 240 cups of boiling and filtered water per hour.

What's included in the pack?

Single Under Bench Command Centre
Full colour, interactive touch screen display
Bright Chrome Tap
Stunning, Classic bright chrome Zip tap
Bright Chrome Mixer Tap
Hot & Cold Zip Mixer tap
Zip 0.2 Micron Filter
Your first filter

Available Extras

Why choose the Zip HT1738UK Tap?

An average worker spends around 3 working days a year making cups of tea and waiting for kettles to boil. With no need to boil a kettle this time can be reduced by more than 50%
All water that passes through the boiling tap is filtered to remove impurities and make your water as pure as possible
You are only using the amount of water you need. The majority of people overfill a kettle each time they use it. Collectively this equates to a huge amount of Co2 waste


What temperature is the boiling water?

The temperature for boiling water is adjustable between 100°C - 68°C, factory set to 98°C for optimum results


Where can I install the Zip HT1738UK?

There are two main options for installation

1. Over a pre-existing sink - If you have a pre-existing sink with storage underneath for the control unit the tap can be installed directly on to that sink, utilising the existing sink for drainage of excess.

2. On a kitchen side or elsewhere in the kitchen (font required) - If you have somewhere else in mind adjacent to a sink or on another surface you will still be able to install but you will need to purchase the font. The font acts as drainage and the location you choose will need to be able to access your cold water pipes, as well as the wastewater pipes and electricity.

How easy are they to install?

Zip is known for quality and ease of use, these taps were designed to be easy for plumbers to install and even easier for customers to use. If you have a plumber they shouldn't have any issue with installation and Zip also offer an installation service if you would prefer. Find out more about Zip installations


How often does the filter need changing?

The filter has a capacity of 6,813 litres and Zip recommends changing the internal 0.2 micron 93702 filter every 12 months if this limit isn't reached.

6813 Litres 12 Months


How do I know when to change the filter?

The command centre has a filter change warning light that will illuminate when a filter change is recommended.


How easy are Zip filters to replace?

There is a very simple process to correctly replace the filter. Check out our - Guide to Replacing Your Zip Hydrotap Filter

Do I need a Limescale filter?

For areas where water hardness is a problem, for example when the level is above 4 degrees Clark (60 parts per million CaCO3), we recommend the use of the Zip Professional range of high-performance Limescale Filtration Systems.

For more information on hard water areas and selecting a suitable limescale filter kit, check our guide Zip Taps - Do I Need A Limescale Filter?


Does the Zip HT1738UK tap provide boiling water?

Yes, This tap is specifically designed to provide boiling water, If you require additional functionality there are alternative taps below.

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Specification Sheet


Tap Manual


Command Centre Manual


More Information
Style3 In 1 Tap
FinishBright Chrome
Tap FunctionalityBoiling, Hot & Cold Water
Boiling per hour (cups)240
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