Zip HydroTap HT1724UK (BCH240/175G4) 4 In 1 Boiling & Chilled Water With Standard Hot & Cold Mixer Tap

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Zip HydroTap HT1724UK (BCH240/175G4) 4 In 1 Boiling & Chilled Water With Standard Hot & Cold Mixer Tap

We here at Hitchin Plumbing Supplies pride ourselves on being the largest authorised UK dealer for Zip.
We offer free delivery across the country, or you are more than welcome to visit us in person and collect from our showroom, where you are invited to take full advantage of our boiling and chilled display models.
Once you have made your purchase from Hitchin Plumbing Supplies and had your tap installed, we can arrange for Zip to send an engineer completely free of charge, to check over and commission your new tap for you.

HydroTap G4 Commercial: A range of instant boiling chilled and filtered water systems specifically designed for use in the commercial environment.

All products in the range feature the iconic cool-touch taphead, incorporating a unique safety lock. The tap can be mounted either over a sink, or, using the optional tap font and drain, on any worktop.

The tap has a high quality, die cast body with push and pull levers for electronically controlled water delivery. Integral LED lights indicate the status of the boiling / chilled water and filter change.

HydroTap Commercial G4 4 In 1 With Standard Mixer Tap: 

Zip HydroTap 4-in-1 offers all of the advantages of a standard HydroTap plus these five outstanding benefits:

  • Simplifies the provision of hot water in office kitchens hot & cold via the mixer tap, boiling and ambient water from the HydroTap all from a single source
  • Cuts costs—eliminates the need for a separate hot water supply or the expense of hot water circulation from a central source
  • Saves space—no need to provide cupboard space for a separate hot water heater
  • Conserves energy—dramatically cuts heat loss from hot water storage
  • So convenient—The mixer tap will deliver up to 3ltr/min, which is ideal for rinsing cups and hand-washing where a dishwasher is the primary source of washing dishes. 3-in-1 and 4-In-1 are not intended for high use applications such as filling sinks or cleaners buckets.


Zip HydroTap now offers you the option of sparkling chilled filtered water as well as boiling and chilled filtered water – instantly.


Boiling filtered water, instantly, for tea, coffee, soup and all cooking.

No more waiting for water to boil. Zip HydroTap makes it all so simple!


Filtered ambient water.

Your drinking water filtered for a great taste. (Avaliable On 4 In 1 Models: BAH160G4, BAH240G4, BAHT160G4, BAHT240G4, BAHS160G4 And BAHS240G4 Only)


Crystal-clear, great-tasting chilled filtered drinking water, always on tap. 

No more bottled water to buy, store, or cram into your refrigerator. (Avaliable On 4 In 1 Models: BCH160/125G4, BCH160/175G4, BCH240/175G4, BCHT160/125G4, BCHT160/175G4, BCHT240/175G4, BCHS160/125G4, BCHS160/175G4 And BCHS240/175G4 Only)


Sparkling chilled filtered water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

Tastes fantastic! Adds life to wines, spirits, cordials and juices. (Avaliable On BCS120/125+, BCSS160/125+ And BCSS200/125+ Only)


Zip brings you the most intelligent filtered drinking water tap ever invented:

Adjustable water temperature: boiling water 100°C to 68°C, factory set at 98°C for optimum results. Chilled water 5°C to 14°C.

Power-Pulse electronic technology controls the set boiling temperature within 0.2°C and eliminates overboil.

Choice of fingertip control for fast cup filling (lever down) or hands-free pot filling (lever up).

Can be set to require finger-thumb safety operation for boiling water access, eliminating the risk of accidental use. Can also be set to boiling isolation mode for increased safety.

Longer spout caters for under-mount sinks. Extended lever & Braille pads also available.

New G4 Zip Command-Centre™ leads the world in time-saving, energy-saving technology:

Advanced insulation and electronics technology reduces standby energy consumption by up to 55% over earlier Zip models of similar capacity.

Auto-calibrates to boiling point upon installation, regularly re-calibrates and optimises performance.

Simple pin-code-protected touch-screen puts managers in total control of each appliance.

Adjustments include temperature, dispensing time, safety settings, energy-saving settings.

Continuous auto-diagnostics system monitors performance, provides total history on demand.

Integral cross-ventilation system eliminates cupboard heat-up; no need for an external fan.

Multiple filter life settings, with precise litre monitoring, to optimise filter replacement timing.

Added peace-of-mind features include overload protection, temperature monitoring, internal leak detection, plus an internal pressure limiting valve.

Conserves water. New, improved air-cooled system with integral cross-ventilation, does not dump water to waste. An environmentally responsible solution.

Conserves energy. Choice of four energy-saving settings to allow site managers to adjust each installation to operate with optimum energy efficiency.

RoHS Compliant. All materials involved in Zip HydroTap manufacture comply with the European Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2011/65/EC.

Red List Compliant. Designed to meet the sustainable initiatives of the Living Building Challenge by eliminating prohibited materials shown on the LBC Red List.


Energy saving technology

Low-energy lights signal boiling water is ready, chilled is ready, or filter change is due.

Hidden light sensor sends appliance to sleep, to conserve energy when the room goes dark.

Sleeps or powers off after 2 hours of non-use.

Plus 24/7 on/off timer, allowing power to be turned off, automatically, for weekday or weekend periods.


A unique safety lock eliminates the risk of accidental discharge of boiling water. You need to press both the red lever and the “safety” button at the same time for access to boiling water. (Can be de-activated)

Avoid steam exposure to your hands when filling pots with boiling water. Flick up the red lever, and boiling water runs ‘hands free’ continuously for a set period.


Zip 0.2-micron filters reduce chlorine taste and odour and filter out particles more than one fifth of a micron in size – that’s one five-thousandth(1/5000th) of a millimetre – twenty five times finer than commonly used 5.0 micronfilters, designed to filter out both Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts and other impurities, for crystal-clear great-tasting water and healthier drinking.

This is arguably the most advanced and most practical water filtration system available anywhere today, developed to meet our exacting specifications by the world leader in water filter technology.

Zip 0.2-micron filter cartridges are incorporated into the Zip HydroTap installation under the sink,or out of sight within the Zip HydroTap control cabinet installed beneath the tap.

Zip 0.2-micron filter cartridges are hygienically encased for fast and easy filter cartridge replacements. Cartridges are replaced every 12 months, or earlier if a high level of water usage makes it necessary.

Look for the NSF symbol on any water filter label. It is the only way you know for sure that your filter is tested and certified by the globally recognised NSF International organisation against the NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53.

Zip HydroTap “filter change light” flashes when a filter change is due. It can be set to measure both water volume and the number of days in service, signalling whichever occurs first.

Limescale Management:

For areas where water hardness is a problem, for example when the level is above 4 degrees Clark (60 parts per million CaCO3), we recommend the use of the Zip Professional range of high performance Limescale Filtration Systems.

Optional Tap Font: 

Install at the sink or on an optional ‘Tap Font’ (away from sink) to accommodate larger vessels.


Zip HydroTap G4 models shown here are covered by a comprehensive full parts and labour warranty for 24 months from date of purchase. A further 36 months boiling tank warranty is included, provided any service required is carried out by a Zip-trained service provider and that water filter cartridge replacements are made at recommended intervals. Zip HydroTap G3 models are covered by a 12 month warranty. Details are supplied with each appliance and can be viewed at

Free Post Installation Commissioning:

When you purchase your Zip HydroTap From Hitchin Plumbing Supplies, Zip offers a free, on-site, post installation commissioning service to ensure your HydroTap is functioning correctly and set to achieve optimal efficiency.

About Zip:

Zip HydroTap is better designed, better built and better supported than any comparable boiling and chilled filtered water system.

Zip has the largest and most established network of directly employed engineers covering the UK, for support, service and maintenance.

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