Cistermiser Combimate

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Cistermiser Combimate

Guaranteed Scale and Corrosion Prevention
Prevents hard water lime-scale and soft water corrosion
Keeps pipe-work clear and energy costs down
Prevents "brown" water, protects pipe-work and keeps maintenance costs down
Compact, flexible and quick to install on vertical and horizontal pipe-work with top or bottom entry
For single appliances or "whole house" water supply
Safe for drinking water and all domestic appliances - 100% food grade material
No maintenance. Easy annual Siliphos top-up
Single check valve now integral to the Combimate

How Combimate works

Combimate is a user-friendly domestic scale prevention device that uses Siliphos, a 100% food grade material whose use is endorsed by the World Health Organisation, to prevent scale build-up and corrosion in combination boilers and other domestic hot water appliances.

When in contact with water Siliphos is released in very small quantities, sufficient to keep the mineral ions in suspension. This action prevents the formation of scale while retaining the health benefits of the natural minerals contained in hard water. Siliphos coats the inside of the pipe-work, boiler heat exchanger and appliances with a non-residual, microscopic, protective coating to prevent scale-causing minerals from accumulating and aggressive soft water from corroding the system and appliances.

Servicing and Maintenance

Combimate is manufactured to high quality standards and is WRAS approved. Over time the volume of Siliphos in the dome gradually reduces. Routine servicing is limited to ensuring that there is Siliphos in the dome. The entire Siliphos contents should be replaced at least annually, even if there are Siliphos spheres left in the dome and irrespective of their apparent condition.

Siliphos is replaced by removing the Combimate cover which is released by pressing the two red buttons on either side and pulling it forward. As the cover is released a patented integral mechanism shuts off the water supply allowing access to the Siliphos dome. The dome can then be removed from the body by undoing the red filler plug to relieve the pressure and then unscrewing the aluminium locking ring to change the Siliphos spheres.

Cistermiser replacement packs containing 800g of Siliphos, sufficient to re-fill the whole unit, complete with a new O-ring seal, are available from merchant stockists. The O-ring should be changed each time that the Siliphos is replaced.

The Combimate De-Scaling Guarantee

If Combimate is installed with a new boiler and the Siliphos replaced annually, Cistermiser guarantees that the heat exchanger will not scale up. Cistermiser will de-scale any boiler that does scale up within 3 years of Combimate installation free of charge and refund the cost of the Combimate.

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