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Conex B Press Water Fittings

Learn more about why people choose Conex for water and gas solutions.

Conex B Press (Conex Banninger) are easy to use fittings for water pipes. A distinct black o-ring is visible within these fittings to indicate their use with water pipes, alternatively for gas fittings a yellow o-ring is used. These fittings provide a secure, leak proof joint with ease and are designed to last. Versatile by design they can be used with hard, soft and half-hard copper tube. Available in a variety of sizes ranging from 15mm to 54mm and available in copper and red brass.

The mechanical press tool with a compatible jaw has a special profile to fit each of the sizes for fitting. Using the tool to create pressure around the joint creates a permanent seal, This does mean that once a fitting has been used it cannot be re-used as the shape will have been altered.

With the 3 point press you have a much more secure joint due to the way in which it forms the seal. No need to solder, No need for adhesives or jointing materials.

With a specially designed HNBR O-ring, Which is black to distinguish that this is a water fitting as opposed to gas.

Two positions contain a reduced section causing leaks at low pressures when not pressed (0.1 to 5.0 bar).

The o-ring material is designed to compress when the fitting itself is pressed which in turn fills the gaps so that there is no need to go to the full test pressure to check that all fittings have been pressed.

Many engineers and plumbers are choosing to use conex fittings as an alternative to brazing due to the time saving and quality they provide.