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Fernox DS40

Fernox is Europe's leading brand of domestic and commercial water treatment products. With over 40 years experience and continual investment in Research and Development Fernox maintains a market leading position, offering products of the highest quality, reliability and performance, backed by technical leadership. 

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Some of our popular Fernox products are listed below:


Fernox DS-40 is a powerful descaler and sludge remover for cleansing domestic central heating systems and eliminating boiler noise. DS-40 is only recommended for whole system cleansing where the system is known to be sound.

If there has been a history of leaks, or weaknesses are suspected, usually on older installations, Fernox Heavy Duty Restorer (Superfloc) should be used. Separate boiler de-scaling with DS-40 can be carried out safely on systems of any age following whole system cleansing with Heavy Duty Restorer (Superfloc).

Fernox DS-40 will dissolve oxide sludge and limescale to leave metal surfaces completely clean. Use of neutraliser sachet provided in the pack ensures that the system is fully conditioned prior to the addition of a suitable Fernox Central Heating Protector. Fernox DS-40 is well inhibited and compatible with all metals and other materials commonly used in central heating systems, including aluminium.

Fernox DS-40 is also suitable for use with all know acid resistant makes of powerflushing unit.The procedures outlined on this sheet can all be carried out with the boiler and radiators in situation.

The boiler is needed during cleansing operations.

  • Powerful descaler and sludge remover for cleansing domestic central heating systems
  • Eliminates boiler noise
  • Compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in central heating systems
  • Restores heating efficiency
  • Reduces fuel wastage
  • Complete pack including neutralising agent
  • Leaves metals surfaces clean

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Fernox BoilerFernox Boiler Buddy Buddy

  • Fernox Boiler Buddy is a high efficiency in-line magnetic filter that traps magnetite and sludge from central heating systems
  • Can be installed with both an upstream and downstream servicing valve
  • Designed for use with standard 1 1/2" BSP x 22mm pump servicing valves
  • Face to face dimension of 130mm
  • If standard pump servicing valves are used, a total space of 250mm is required for installation
  • Easy to remove for cleaning

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