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A frost protection systems fall into two principal categories – self regulating cable and constant wattage systems.

Constant wattage cables are simple, strong and flexible, and can be cut to length on site without wastage. They are easy to install and terminate, but must be used with a thermostat.

Self regulating systems tend to be more advanced products and they cannot overheat, even when overlapped, so they may be used with or without a thermostat. Please note, however, that the use of a thermostat is normally recommended in order to maximise controllability. The majority of trace heating applications tend to utilise self regulating cables. Like constant wattage systems, they are easy to install and terminate, and can be cut to length on site. When working with plastic piping, self regulating systems must be used in order to prevent plasticiser migration and to ensure the longevity of the pipework.

Please refer to our Installation Guide for fitting instructions. Product details are provided in the following sections:

  • Constant Wattage
  • Self Regulating

Constant Wattage

Constant wattage frost protection systems are simple, affordable and durable, but must always be used in conjunction with a thermostat.

Constant wattage products comprise a wire element, which is connected between two insulated bus-bar conductors that run along the entire length of the cable. The element makes contact with the parallel resistance conductors at regular intervals, thereby creating a succession of heating circuits.

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