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Adey Magnaclean

Adey Magnaclean

Hitchin Plumbing Supplies are an official stockist of Adey Magnaclean filters. Adey Magnaclean sets an industry standard for plumbing and heating engineers when it comes to protecting and maintaining both new and existing heating systems.
In an age of advanced and high efficiency gas and oil boilers, there has never been a greater need to safeguard what amounts to one of the most expensive investments in the modern home - the central heating system & Adey Magnaclean can be that safeguard.

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The Adey Magnaclean is a powerful, compact magnetic filter with a unique swirl chamber designed to remove virtually 100% of suspended Iron Oxide and other particulate from the water circulating through the heating system. Unlike typical Y-strainer filters which clog up and experience a dramatic reduction in flow performance, Adey Magnaclean maintains full flow rates at all times. The incredibly tough ‘Glass fibre reinforced Nylon’ shell is almost unbreakable making the Adey Magnaclean incredibly reliable.

Incorporated into the lid is a special air vent which allows installers to quickly and easily add corrosion inhibiting chemicals without the need to isolate the filter. Simply unscrew the vent nipple (one-way valve shuts off), connect the chemical adaptor (supplied with all concentrates) and introduce the liquid directly into the heart of Magnaclean, where it will quickly disperse into the circulating water.

All Adey Magnaclean products have been designed primarily for heating systems, but new uses for the filter are being examined. Any liquid contaminated with rust, swarf or other metals attracted to a magnet will benefit from passing through the powerful filter.
Adey MagnaCleanis a proven, high efficiency, full-flow magnetic filter designed to tackle all central heating systems removing virtually 100% of the suspended black iron oxide. The benefits of this simple technology are immediate:

  • Simple installation and effortless servicing, saving time and money
  • Immediate results and system protection following installation
  • No ongoing running costs
  • Quick and easy chemical dosing
  • Long operational life AND guaranteed for TWO years
  • Reduced carbon emissions

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